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Pour une filière charbon pérenne dans le Mahafaly

Saviez-vous qu’entre 1973 et 2013, le Paysage Mahafaly a perdu 40% de sa couverture forestière ? Le Paysage Mahafaly, c’est entre autres choses la plus grande étendue de forêt épineuse de Madagascar. Il contient le pourcentage le plus élevé d’espèces végétales endémiques du pays, et 95% de ces espèces ne se trouvent nulle part ailleurs sur […]

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La voix des mangroves du Melaky pour une conservation plus efficace

« Feon’ny Ala Hoko » ou la voix des mangroves, est le nom de l’émission concoctée par l’équipe du WWF et l’antenne régionale de la radio nationale malgache à Maintirano, dans le paysage Manambolo-Tsiribihina. La radio est le premier média de la région pour sensibiliser la population sur les questions relatives à la conservation selon […]

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Madagascar Climate Leader : Hermann Fanomezantsoa

Madagascar’s Seedlings Hermann Fanomezantsoa realized he had a role to play to protect the environment at a very young age. His passion for conservation began when he was just 14. Even then I saw that the rainfall patterns were disrupted. People were destroying the forest without worrying about the consequences, destroyed forests were not replaced, […]

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Madagascar Climate Leader : Abdallah

Remaking the Mangroves The last few years have not been kind to Abdallah. He lives in Ankazomborona, a small village near Ambilobe, and part of WWF’s Northern Mozambique Channel landscape, where the results from his trade, fishing, have been declining in recent years. A Family Tradition He learned to fish from his father. And his […]

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Madagascar Climate Leaders : Danny Kornelio

An Activist Moving Oceans 29-year-old Danny Kornelio is an outgoing oceanographer with the Institute of Fishery and Marine Sciences in Toliara, Madagascar. Fascinated by coral reef ecosystems, he has observed, for many years, the pressures on the Toliara Great Reef and is troubled by the changes he has seen. “Now, with the difficulty of daily […]

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Madagascar Climate Leaders : Nanti Andriantsoavina

“To all young Malagasy, stand up and speak” As 22-year old Mailinantenaina (Nanti) Andriantsoavina traveled around Madagascar she kept seeing the same image over and over again – burnt out landscapes, sections of forest blackened by bushfires, ribbons of smoke rising up over woods in the distance. A curious and passionate student of communications, Nanti […]

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On the brink…

A statement from WWF’s Head of Delegation: Tasneem Essop We’re only a day away from the deadline set by the French COP President for the delivery of the final agreement text. Ministers now have to knuckle down and work to ensure that we have a strong outcome in Paris. We are at a crossroads – we […]

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WWF Statement on latest COP21 negotiating text

WWF issued the following statement from WWF’s head of delegation, Tasneem Essop, in reaction to the issuance of this morning’s draft compilation negotiating text: “Clearly, finding all the solutions to protect the world from the ravages of climate change is going to take hard negotiations and multiple drafts. We’re still early in the process, but […]

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