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Madagascar’s COP21 commitments

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The document that lists Madagascar’s commitments to address climate Change, and for COP21 was finalized last September.

The document listing these commitments is now available online and was made by the Climate Change Coordination National Office  (BNCCC) within the Ministry of Environment, Ecology, Sea and Forests.
As a part of the Thematic Group on Climate change (TGCC), a platform of climate change actors in Madagascar, WWF actively participated in developing this document, which was adopted at the government council.

Madagascar’s commitments for COP21:

1). Protecting Madagascar’s forests:

  • To restore natural forests and reinforce the connectivity of habitats
  • The restoration of 35,000 ha of primary forest areas and mangroves by 2020.
  • An overall objective to capture greenhouse gases (GHGs) and maintain carbon credits. Reducing GHG emissions of 14% and increasing absorption capacity by 32% by 2030.

2). Implementing measures to face Climate Change:

An action plan to address climate change has been developed. The plan requires funding so that Madagascar can benefit from the Green Climate Fund and from the support of other countries. Madagascar estimates its financial needs to be a total of $32 billion dollars by 2030. The Malagasy government is contributing 4% of this amount.

The main measures in the action plan are:

  • Prioritizing the development of climate change framework documents (example: finalizing and initiating the National Plan for Climate Change Adaptation by 2020)
  • Creating pilot initiatives for the enforcement of Integrated Models for Resilient Agriculture
  • Activities to bring a significantly reduce the number of people suffering from hunger in the south.
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